Monday, October 27, 2014

Orny Class!

Come join me for this fun ornament class at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, CA on Nov. 8th at 10 am! I will have several paper styles and paint colors for you to choose from. Once you make these, I promise you will want to make more!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey...where did April go? I completely forgot to do a tag for April and I had the cutest idea in my head! It was a crazy, busy month for me with a bad cold thrown into the mix. I was happily making some samples for package photos for some awesome new products coming out in July. we also had some last minute ideas for a release in October that I had to squeeze in. I just received the prototypes and I promise much fun will be had by all who purchase these little gems!
So all of a sudden it's May. Didn't we just pack Christmas away? Here is my May tag, made simply with the new Prima Bloom Sprays and lots of washi tape. Had so much fun with this. Did you all make your Mother's Day cards or buy them?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Introducing Shay

This is Shay. She's one of my favorites. My inspiration for her? She's a city girl. You might find her in New York, maybe San Francisco. Her hat, heels and clutch say it all...she's into clothes and she knows how to wear them! This stamp goes perfect with the Boutique stamp pack consisting of hats and handbags. Accessories always makes playing dress up a lot more fun, don't you think?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet Taylor...

I was asked if I assign ethnicity to my stamps. The answer to that is no. These are line drawings with no faces so it's a bit difficult to do that. Long before my stamps came out and I used templates in my classes I noticed that African-American ladies were shading in their dolls. That's when I brainstormed the Buff Paper Pad in all different shades of skin tones and working with a company such as Prima gave me the opportunity to do that. About 6 months after the stamps came out I had several requests to make ethnic stamps. Hispanic, Asian and African does one do this when there's no faces? I do have a HUGE following of African-American ladies whom I love and adore so I really had to think my way through this one.
So, meet Taylor....I was told that an on-line shop was selling her as an African-American stamp. Well guess what? She is a line drawing and can be whatever you want her to be!  As I waited for my answer to come to me on this dilemma of ethnicities, this is what I drew. This is what came out of me. I believe she could have the lightest of skin tones and red hair and look as Irish as can be. Even add a few freckles to the mix! Make her in a dark skin tone and voila, she is African-American!
She was totally inspired by all my lovely ladies of color who follow me. It dawned on me as I was thinking through this that I did not have many curly haired gals. These women have been purchasing all my stamps, straight hair and all using darker skin tones, making the most wonderful creations, without a complaint whatsoever. Curly hair is hard for me to draw so I've avoided it for the most part up to now. I then knew I  needed to add some curly hair to the mix! Taylor happens to have short hair but I added some longer curly hair to some of the other girls.
I hope this answers the questions. Creative ladies from all backgrounds, colors, shapes and places have made the dolls however they want them to be. That's what we creative people do. I hope ladies of all colors enjoy making creations with this stamp however they see fit. I can't wait to see the end results!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tag of the Month...Lucky!

Isn't it fun to sit down and create something you normally would not create? Never in a million years would I make something in emerald green unless it was Christmas. Not that I don't like this color because I's just not my norm in creating. I did love pulling out the sprays and gelatos for this project. I started with a solid tag from my Aquarelle Tag Pad from Prima. I drew some easy free form flowers onto the tag with the two green shades of gelatos. I then lightly misted with water and just brushed around the flower shape ever so lightly with a paintbrush. After that dried I sprayed Prima's new Color Bloom sprays through stencils randomly over the tag. I used the newly released Megan stamp and hat from the Boutique accessory stamp set to create this lucky girl. A cute flower stamp and embellishments from Prima complete my March tag!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Little Store that Helped Me Grow

I will miss this door!

The amazing bookmark Marilynn for my book signing
Book signing...A dream come true!

One of the many trunk shows
Much of what I do in my art world began right here. When I first began doing my artwork one of the girls that worked at Stamp your Heart Out in Claremont, CA introduced me to the owner, Joan and suggested that I do some classes there. I so looked up to all the women from this store. They knew EVERYTHING. I knew very little about the craft world. They showed me what glue sticks to buy, they told me what pop dots were and they explained die cutting to me. They showed me the latest paper lines and put aside patterns that they knew I would love.
I barely remember my first class there. I'm sure I was extremely nervous. What if nobody signed up? Well, guess what? People signed up! I do remember how ecstatic I was when I got my check. I couldn't believe I was working for myself! I've had many classes there since and have met many wonderful women in the process.
I also remember Joan invited me to do a trunk show one evening. This was the first time I ever showed any of my art to the public. I was really nervous. I showed up with just my art and nothing more. I had no idea what I was doing! What if nobody showed up? She lent me some easels and plate racks to display my stuff and told me it would be a good idea to put prices on it. So price it I did, with post it notes! Well, a few people came and I did sell my art. This was the beginning of a few trunk shows at Stamp your Heart Out that were always successful and always a lot of fun. Yes, the people came!
When my book, Collage Couture came out, Joan invited me to do a book signing at the store. Again I was nervous...what if nobody came? The day of the book signing came, complete with a darling bookmark they had made up, good food and guess what? People showed up! They were the perfect hosts for this event and I will always remember it fondly.
The day I received prototypes of my stamp line from Prima Marketing Inc. I ran straight to Stamp Your Heart Out. I DIDN'T know what to do with them! I was not a stamper and didn't have a clue what to do with these things! Ginny was there that day and explained all that I could do with them, showed me the best ink pads to use and sent me on my way.
Last month, we did a preview of my new stamp line at the store. Guess what? I didn't worry about the people showing up! This little store helped me grow! No more nerves!
They have been there through thick and thin for me. I must admit when I received new product, I went directly to the store to show whoever was working that day. I was too excited to go home and I had to show someone! They had all the sneak peeks from stamps, to dies, to book covers. I had to share it all with someone and that someone became a store. A store filled with wonderful people. I hope they all realize what they have meant to us over the years. Joan who never took a dime of commissions for the trunk shows and introducing me to influential people in this business. Michelle, who drives a Porche (our little joke) who really started it all, Liz and Cynthia  who took my first class and keep me laughing whenever I'm there, Sheila and Ginny who have given me oodles of product advice. I swear they are the smartest people in the craft business! I will miss this store dearly. Where will I go when I get the new products in my hands? What about future book signings? Yep, I will miss this store a lot.
And the staff? You may be able to close a store but you can't close the staff. The staff who became friends and mentors cannot get shut down and I hope the new chapter in their lives bring many fun get-togethers in the future. Girl talk, crafting and maybe some sneak peeks at new products.
Thank you Stamp Your Heart Out for being a MAJOR part of my story! Enjoy your retirement, Joan!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BAck in the DAy

Accessary Pack
My favorite Fiskars tool


Back in the day, we used to play paper dolls...a lot. They were cheap and they were fun. In my newest stamp line I  created an accessory pack called Boutique. In it, is a circle that people under the age of 50 ask what it is. Well, it is an old fashioned paper doll hat. The little paper hats all had cut lines that would slip over the dolls head. I wanted to create a big hat that could appear to be straw, velvet, felt or whatever you would like it to be. One that would be large enough to embellish with flowers, ribbon, buttons or bows. So now that you know what the circle is, go get creative. Play dolls!